My Reading Manga Alternatives

My Reading Manga is an online website offering an assortment of manga titles. Users can browse the selection and select those they find interesting; additionally, this site also provides free manga samples for visitors.

This site boasts an expansive selection of manga comics from well-known authors. Additionally, it tracks your reading history and allows you to download them.


MangaFox is an immensely popular comic site offering a wide variety of genres. Accessible on iOS, web and Android devices alike, MangaFox allows users to download comics freely. Furthermore, no membership or login is needed – simply keep track of which comics you read with its bookmark feature!

This website boasts an accessible, user-friendly online interface and offers an expansive collection of comics. Their library carries titles across various genres such as romantic manga. There are also some shojo, erotica, and harlequin titles included.

MangaFox stands out with its convenient search function that quickly allows you to locate any comic series. Furthermore, it displays both current and upcoming releases as well as ads which could download malware onto your device if clicked upon directly; to stay safe use an ad blocker or VPN instead.


KissManga is an indispensable website for manga lovers. Offering an impressive collection of titles updated regularly and an easy-to-use interface, My reading manga allows readers to access manga in safety – while malware-free websites protect readers further.

This site keeps track of what comics a user reads and stores them in a history section for later reference. Users can share their favorite comics with friends or download them offline – and the selection of manga on offer makes the site free-of-charge!

NewToki is one of the few KissManga alternatives that has not been shut down, offering geo-blocking as one of its primary problems; for this reason you may wish to consider using a VPN; however, access can still be gained directly via mobile device and there may still be access available to all visitors without one! It may well be worth your while checking it out if you’re looking for alternatives to KissManga!


There are various MangaKatana alternatives that offer free online comic reading. While some sites are more well-known than others, others still stand out and provide reliable service; OtakuStream stands out among these sites with no lagging or buffering issues and is frequently seen as the premier anime platform online.

AnimeFever provides another great MangaKatana alternative by featuring both subtitled and subbed anime videos, is free from ads, has an intuitive search bar for manga discovery, keeps a record of everything a user has read, so they can revisit them later, and keeps track of everything read so users can revisit any titles that interest them later on.

Mangahere offers another fantastic MangaKatana alternative with a vast selection of titles available both through its website and mobile app, providing users with an effortless alternative to downloading copyrighted content. This makes Mangahere an excellent way for those wanting to avoid downloading copies legally protected content to satisfy their manga needs.


MangaMe offers users an engaging comic & manga reading experience, offering users access to a vast collection of manga comics and its database that’s regularly updated. Furthermore, users can download its ad-free iOS and Android apps.

This website stands out with its vast selection of manga comics from different genres and allows users to download their favorites with its user-friendly interface. They can also find anime titles from across countries with some even offering free trials!

This site’s extensive library boasts thousands of manga comics from all around the world. Each title is divided into categories with its own page that provides detailed plot summaries or short summaries of its story arc, helping readers decide which manga comics they wish to read or skip altogether. Readers may also use an advanced search function on the site to filter out titles they do not wish to read.

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